Fall Is The Ideal Time For Family Portraits


Fall Family Portraits

portrait of little girl playing in the leaves in the fallFamilies always want something special to come out of their portrait sitting and while it is often easy to provide them with what they want, the best time to capture the essence of the family unit is the fall. It could be a combination of the cooler evenings with no one being hot and bothered, the choice of items that can be used as props and the enchantment of the changing seasons.

The leaves will be the main reason that fall is popular. By choosing the correct location, the family can sit among leaves of many colours and be surrounded by trees bearing copious amounts of leaves of the same and similar colours. By dressing the people in neutral colors for the family portrait, there will be even more of a contrast.

Leaves can also be used as tool for fun. Children can be pictured rolling in them, throwing them and using them as a place to hide and peer out into the lens while older members sit serenely. The best time to capture the essence of fall will be the hour or so while the sun sets. It can light up the background to the picture and by placing the family in dark colored clothes, they will stand out as being brighter than the light of the sun. There is so much atmosphere that the dying light can give. Even on days when the sun is not too bright, the leaves can play their part as they will no longer be drowned out by the sun and the will appear to be softer and more welcoming.

Late sun photographs also have an amazing effect on shadows as by then they will be longer than the family, and can be helpful in bringing on a cosy and comfortable sight. It will mean that the family will be more noticeable than the background, but the background will still add the portrait.

As children love pumpkins they can play their part but there can be an issue here. It can be hard enough to get small children to look at a camera and the last thing needed during a family portrait is a major part of the Fall foliage for family photosfamily being distracted. If the children are old enough to use props and be photographed then fine, sit them on them, surround them by them or have the family holding one, but if they are more interested in the pumpkins leave them out.

For a fall family portrait there is another option and that is near to the sea. The ground will often be bare and what was once grass can be shades of brown and beige. Again, try to use the dying sun to light up the background and always make sure that the family are warm enough as nothing will ruin a lovely family portrait as much as sad and unsmiling people shivering against the elements.

As a photographer you will learn the tricks of the trade and find the best places in the area you live in, but you will invariably find that fall is the best time for a family portrait.

Why Family Portraits Are Important

Family portraits are important because they make it possible to freeze time and capture an entire family at one single moment. In our technology crazed and fast paced world, it is sometimes hard to look back at our lives and remember what happened, with who, and when. Having pictures of the family at different stages in life is a great way to retain those valuable memories and make them last a lifetime.

We all have those times in our lives when we look back in the past and think about how fast children grow up and how quick time flies. Having a photo to capture the memories of those times is priceless. You’re able to have a wonderful, memory evoking and storytelling portrait of the different phases in life as children and family members grow older.

Family dynamics will always change and you do not want to miss an opportunity to have a few beautiful professional family portraits hanging in your living room. The timing may never be perfect but you might not know when the next opportunity will be to capture the entire family together.


Children leave the nest, grandparents pass, jobs get transferred, marriage and grandchildren arise and life has its unpredictability’s. Would you rather be saying ‘remember when this happened’ or be able to hold and show a picture of that exact memory in time?

As time goes on, portraits become treasures to us and as we look at them, we’re able to lose ourselves in that precise moment and bring back to life the joyous memories of the past. You are able to have a constant presence and reminder of each of the family members you love even if you are on the other side of the world.

Getting your family portraits professionally taken is a great way to have the entire family in the picture. Parents are normally the ones who are focused on the children in the pictures but with time being so precious, the focus should be on each and every family member.


If you’re looking to capture the growth and changes of the family unit as well as relive unique memories, then having family portraits around the house is a great way to reminisce and relive memories.

A great photographer understands that memories cannot be repeated and they are well equipped to deal with precious moments in a matter of seconds. There is no time to let life pass by and wonder why you didn’t get those family pictures scheduled. Avoid ‘I wish’ situations and book a Virginia Beach Photographer today.  Check out Studio or Outside Photography