Studio Photographer or Outside Photographer

Studio Photography Vs Outside Photography

Choosing between getting your portraits taken inside a studio and outdoors can be a difficult decision. All photographers have a preference for outdoor or indoor photography but it’s up to the subject to decide what types of photos they would like to have hanging on their wall for years to come.  Here are a few things to consider from Gary, Virginia Beach family portrait photographer

If you are leaning towards a photo-shoot outside, some of the benefits are the following:

Lifestyle photo of family at beach

Natural Light:

Nothing beats natural light. Sunlight is the best source of illumination for photographers. Professionals also know which times of day will have the best light and know well in advance how to manipulate outdoor light with reflectors in order to get the best lighting for pictures.  Typically anytime you choose to have beach portraits your session will be scheduled during the golden hour.  This is the best time of day for beach photos and occurs 1 hour before the sun has fully set.  If photographed properly your images will come out with a nice golden tone and their will be rim light around your body.  This separates the family from the background which adds dimension.  This type of lighting is only available to you at this time of the day but some photographers who are specialists with off camera flash can pull off a similar look.  However if you are looking for that natural look and have kids you may just want to opt for using light that is available to you naturally.  Anytime you have bright flashes going off it can really make kids uncomfortable, especially babies.


More Locations

You can show off more of your personality by having your photos taken outside. Example; If you love soccer, it makes more sense to have an active photo-shoot in a field shooting at a net than to have a portrait of you holding a soccer ball inside with a solid background.  Parks are a favorite with outside photographers and unlike the beach, you can schedule your session anytime during the day as long as there are trees or other natural objects that can create shade.

When outdoors, the location options are endless. You could be swimming at your favorite lake, sharing an ice cream cone with grandma or enjoying the sunset on the beach with a few friends. When it comes to outdoor photography, the background is your choice.

More Unique

Having photos from the outdoors will allow your family portraits to be more unique. Instead of having a solid and staged colored background, you will be able to choose a background that fits you best, perhaps standing in front of your childhood house or your new car or motorcycle that you love.  If you really want to have unique portraits make sure you bring anything you and your family find sentimental such as a ring, necklace, bracelet or anything else that may have been given to you by a loved one.

If you’re not a lover of the outdoors and prefer to stay inside, there are also some benefits to indoor photography.

Picture of smiling family

Controlled Environment:

Everything can be controlled, from lighting, wind, background colors and temperature. You will not have to worry about sunlight or weather conditions and there are no other outside distractions.  The downside of a photography studio is there is typically a limited amount of options for backdrops.  A good idea would be to ask the photographer if you can see the choice of backgrounds they offer.  If they don’t offer what you’re looking for it may be a good idea to see if they can custom order something for you or maybe reconsider having your session outdoors.


When shooting indoors, there will be less noise, distractions and best of all privacy, which allows the photographer to focus entirely on the job.

For portraits, lifestyle and fashion shots, it is more convenient to work indoors. There is an abundance of creative freedom thanks to new lighting systems.

There are pros and cons to outdoor and indoor photography. No matter where you prefer to have your portraits taken, you must hire a photographer who is organized, pays attention to detail and has an understanding of portrait photography in order to have a successful session.

There are plenty of great photographers across the United States.  Once you decide on whether you want your photos taken inside or outside do a search for local photographers and read their reviews.  Go to the next post, choosing your style.

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